Managing Project Resources

In order to accomplish all the tasks you created in the last section, you’re going to need people. These human resources are what, or who, you have to successfully manage to reach your objectives.

You will also need equipment, office supplies, functional environments, and all that, you will have to manage – not to mention pay for!

In MS Project, you can quickly factor in the all of your resources within your task since, after all, the resources are key to the success of your task to begin with.

You can begin by taking note of the available resources and their costs. In order to calculate project costs, the expenditures will be multiplied by the duration. Once you open the Resources sheet, you will be able to specify the projet expenditures and its resources.

ms project lesson 3 - image 1

If you want to track expenditures, feel free to insert a “Cost” column along side the “Resources” column. After assigning the resources to the appropraite tasks, the costs will be calculated and presented to you.

ms project lesson 3 - image 2

Every task will have resources, supplies or people assigned to it, so each task will have several resources.

ms project lesson 3 - image 3

This wraps up this very top-level Microsoft Project tutorial.